(orig. Sista Dansen) Released: December 1993

THE LAST DANCE is a black comedy about a roller-coaster friendship between two big-city Swedish couples.

The main characters in the film are Tove, Claes, Liselott and Lennart. The women are each others opposites. Tove is desperate for a child, she wants to be a winner but always comes second and is jealous of her friend, even though she hates her guts. Liselott is an idle housewife and a loud mouthed bitch who's main interest is to have breasts like Britt Ekland. She definitely doesn't want a child and she is always the winner and doesn't mind telling everybody about it, especially Tove.

Their husbands on the other hand are not rivals to the same extent. But they're still very different. Claes need to please his wife Tove, to give her a child and to get some peace and quiet. Lennart is obsessed with his job and his cars, finds his wife and her two champion poodles more and more tiring and really wants to go to bed with his friend's wife.